Hi, I’m a graphic designer like you guys who design a number of graphic designs on daily basis and i usually need to find a lot of fonts for my designs but unfortunately i can’t be able to find a proper collection because there are very limited resources of fonts.

So i thought about creating a platform where people can upload their own created fonts as well as designers can use those fonts and can give credits to the font creators. So this is how Boldfonts comes into actually shape and now it’s in front of you.

The main aim of Boldfonts.com is to provide free fonts to every designer who is just starting out or want to get his/her hands on latest fonts. You will find a number of fonts on this platform that include deferent type of fonts like Sans-serif, Script, Fancy, Brush etc.

You can even check the fonts on the designs and if they meet your requirements then you can download and install.

The fonts shared on Boldfonts are not limited to only Windows users but i do share the fonts for Mac users as well.

If you are a newbie and don’t know about installing fonts then you can check our detailed tutorials, where have explained a detailed guide on how to install font in windows, installing font in Mac or even in MS word or Adobe.

All i need is your support to keep this website active.

Thank you so much for taking time and reading about me and this Platform!